Sunday, September 25, 2016


It was the year 2000, Yes! Nelco - Andheri East,
The year I joined TIS, when we our paths first crossed,
The day I saw you I just knew we'd be friends for life,
I can still drift to that day in my thoughts,
You were wearing a white salwar kurta,
I thought you looked like an angel,
So sweet, having a soft warm glow around you,
And your smile, it could calm any storm!
I am glad from that day onward, we had established a bond,
And today I realize, when I look back in retrospect,
You have always been -
My angel, my godmother, my confidante, my friend,
Always supporting me, loving me, correcting me, encouraging me,
Never judging me,
The last 14 years with you has been a splendid ride,
Of emotions, experiences and most of all joys,
So today dear friend on your birthday, I would like this to say,
You are one of the treasures in my life that I'd like to keep forever,
I pray you have, all that you dream of and much more,
I hope our friendship is carved in stone,
And the torch of our love shines forever bright!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ASH! Love you always!

Sunday, July 13, 2014


”FallBroken bridges, broken life
Bitter feelings add to your strife
Left alone, left you are,
To face the blows, to face the mar
It won't matter, whether you burn or quiver
Fate she will take as much as you give her
Blown to bits your dreams, it wasn't fair
Get over it like it wasn't even there
Marching ahead, no boulder spread
Can stop you on your way
Tears flow all too slow
But you push to keep them at bay
Strength they say will bear the weight
Of wounds inflicted on your soul
Perseverance shall pave the path
Unto making you whole

© kronosaphrodite

Tuesday, January 28, 2014


I am so tired of being strong,
Waiting patiently all along,
So I try to hum this little song,
It helps me get going on this road so long,
Sometimes I stray, wonder what went wrong,
Sometimes I don't know where I belong!

I am so thankful, I can still play this game,
Feel alive when I hear of your name,
I try to be worthy but don't fit all the same,
Is it just me or my destiny to blame?
When the mind's mad with desire, it's hard to tame,
It's not ready to accept you aren't mine to claim,

I am so hopeful, I would let go to see,
Whether or not you come back to me,
And if our story is never meant to be,
I will forever be a shore reaching out for its sea,
The passion to love you is my soul's only plea,
There's a door to my heart for which, only you hold the key!

© kronosaphrodite

Saturday, December 14, 2013


I can get lost in your deep blues eyes,
Oh sing me just a dream,
A smile, when your lips do part,
Those pearly whites that gleam,

Far into the sunset twilight reveals,
Haunting whispers of you,
Branding me with your name,
My heart beating for two, 

The wilderness of your face taunts,
Arresting my view,
Sinking into my soul,
Rushing blood to every sinew,

Crimson rising in my cheeks,
I silently retreat,
Tasting the death of desire,
Confounded with defeat!

© kronosaphrodite

Saturday, September 21, 2013


Someone kind, someone nice
Someone worthy, someone wise

Someone sweet and a little spice
Someone with more virtue and a little less vice

Someone that cares about everything I do
Someone that feels the same way about me too

Someone that wakes beside me each day
Someone that always brings sunshine my way

Someone that understands my every mood
Someone that makes every moment feel good

Someone to talk to about my dreams and fears
Someone who listens not just hears

Someone that loves me more than I can ask
Sigh! Finding this someone is such a task!

© kronosaphrodite

Tuesday, July 23, 2013


Sleep o dear sleep
Thou hast become elusive
Casting dark shadows upon eyen
Anon need I seek vile lil pills
To soothe and beseech thee
Pray o pray let me fare
Thou seest that I warrant your grace
Sing me o just a lullaby
Hie 'cause I ought to wake at morn

© kronosaphrodite

Sunday, June 23, 2013


Oh Life! I flow....
Not knowing where I go,
Can't fathom what I am,
Don't understand what I know,
Still I tread this path to see,
Where o where would it lead me,
Why do I do what I do,
You would be lost if you were me too!

© kronosaphrodite

Friday, February 8, 2013


A pleasant cool breeze brushes past,
Wafting towards you a scent unknown,

The smell of which drenches the soul,
As the mind travels to a destination known,

Sweet memories that kindled your heart,
Affectionate arms that around you were worn,

The warmth, the melody of those moments so dear,
Tingle your senses, then make you forlorn,

But soon your lips they curl into a smile,
For inside you, forever, love had been sown,

You reminisce the joys of days long ago,
Until the pages of your past can be torn!

© kronosaphrodite

Monday, February 4, 2013


Becoming cold, cold, cold to the bone,
Missing the warmth that my heart had once known,

Don't know whether I am tired of being strong,
Or had I always been weak all along?

Waking to yet another day all the same,
Growing weary of this foolish game, 

Am I flying or am I falling?
Why is it I can hear no calling?

Living in a world, neither here nor there,
Lost in oblivion without a damn care,

Is this forever or is this a phase?
Can't seem to focus, my mind is in a haze,

What are you when you're both dead and alive?
Isn't that a sorry excuse to survive?

Returning every smile, every frown with an empty gaze,
Trying to find reasons to live the rest of my days!

© kronosaphrodite

Saturday, December 1, 2012


Gazing upon a starry sky, all alone on a moonlit night,
Wishing you were here, so I could hold you tight,
But all I have for company, is the cold cold breeze,
Making me shiver, letting me freeze,
The night seems dead and so does my heart,
That is how it is when we are apart,
Will it ever be alive? Will it ever beat true?
I am still waiting for my feelings to reach through,
The night be cold but my thoughts keep me warm,
Because it's you I am thinking of, all along,
My heart beats harder when it hears of your name,
But without you it aches all the same,
Come to me, I beg you so,
Love me just once and I'll let you go,
Thereon each night, peaceful I shall sleep,
For in your heart, you found my love worthy to keep!

© kronosaphrodite