Thursday, May 14, 2020

A Round Trip

Another journey, another road
The soul will find another abode
The mind in it's silence will quietly grieve
Sad that the body had failed to reprieve

The being that was then will still be now
Bound forever by a sacred vow
Flowing through rivers, shifting shape
Sometimes part of a beautiful landscape

Gathering wisdom, learning anew,
At times pain-stricken, fighting the blues,
Arriving closer with every passing entity
To the begining when there was no identity

© kronosaphrodite 2015

A heavy heart

Maybe I am tired of fighting
Maybe I am not that strong
Maybe I don't really know where I belong

There's nothing more to give
There's nothing more to get
There's not much to worry, not much to fret

And still I go on
And still I breathe
And still I have nothing to bequeath

One day I'll be gone
One day at the crack of dawn
One day some place better I will be reborn

© kronosaphrodite 2015

A different kind of love bite

I used to think you're beautiful
But your last words were so ugly
They keep ringing in my head
And make me wonder
What did I ever see in you
To make you so important in my life

I am not a person who can hate
But you're not a person I can love
You have no understanding, no compassion
Just a dark heart devoid of love

I don't think you have ever really loved
For if you had, you would know
Never to stab at a heart that loves
'Cos the pain is silent
But the pain is real
It hurts, it really does

I did not ask for you to return my love
Neither did I expect you would
What were you avenging then?

I had asked for nothing, I had taken nothing
But you did take.....
You took away my hope
Like you took my breath away

Either way I was left in pain
and my feelings were
Sometimes bitter, sometimes sweet
Just like the thoughts of you!

© kronosaphrodite 2015

Season's Greetings

Ying and Yang

Elemental Yin/Yang Water/Fire- Fantasy Poster - Fantasy Print ...
                                 Between life and death
                                 There’s you, there’s me,
                                 Living in each other’s hearts
                                 Galloping in each other’s minds
                                 Kindling the fire in each other’s souls
                                 With eyes that flutter, lips that smile
                                 Hands that entwine every once in a while
                                 Bodies that meet with a passion so deep
                                 Arms that comfort each other as we sleep
                                 These are promises together we shall keep
                                 Forever between life and death

© kronosaphrodite 2015

True love

I’d wait a thousand lifetimes
For you to recognise my soul
I’d love you every life
Until you feel we’re whole
I’d stand the storm of separation
For one day you will seek
The love I have in my heart
Forever for you to keep

© kronosaphrodite 2015

When I am gone...

Pin on Art in my brain
When I am gone
And you miss me
Look up at the skies
And you will know
I am looking too
At the same star
That shines so bright
And twinkles each night

When I am gone
And you miss me
I will send kisses with the wind
And hope it will be planted
Right where my lips
Would want to be
Making you dance in delight
Making you feel so right

When I am gone
And you miss me
I will open my arms
And I will hold you
Hoping you will feel my touch
The air will smell of you so much
I will feel you like the blood in my vein
I will breathe you until we meet again

© kronosaphrodite 2015


Yearning Archives - St. John's Lutheran Church
Sometimes I just think of you and smile,
Wishing for eternity that you were mine,
But I know some things are not meant to be,
Still I hope we'd take a chance and feel,
The kind of feeling that make us real,
Know you inside out for better or worse,
Even if you aren't my blessing,
I'd still have you if you were my curse!"

© kronosaphrodite 2015

Don't lose hope when you lose love

Moving On Quote Wallpapers: Appstore for Android
When love took birth in my heart for you
An invisible umbilical cord formed between your heart and mine
It served as a channel for my feelings to pass through
It somehow paved its way deep into your heart
That’s how I instinctively fed you when
You were hungry for love and affection
That’s what kept my emotions aligned with yours
You cried I cried, you smiled I smiled
That’s what made me feel I belong to you
You and me were one, you were the missing piece of my puzzle
That’s what kept me attached to you
You were my kite I was your string

Now the cord has been poisoned with doubts and deceit
Now only pain flows through and damages the hearts
The kite having been through a storm wants to break free from its string
The missing piece having changed shape is looking for a different puzzle
So I cut the cord.....I let go
That’s the only way to drain the poison
Let the kite fly free, find its own way out of the storm
Let the missing piece detach, find its perfect fit in another puzzle
While I patiently wait until a new cord grows towards another heart
Determined never to let it be poisoned,
I will keep it strong, I will make it last!

© kronosaphrodite 2015